Blast Cells EP Cassette Cassettes


In a time of general dissolution, we all need something to get lost in to distract ourselves from the mundane motions of modern life. Blast Cells from South Seattle, WA is a quartet of peculiar humans that have captured the zeitgeist of 2023 in four tracks of harsh self-expression.

As long time members of various bands in the punk community, Blast Cells are no virgins to the basements and dive bars that have given them a stage since forming in 2021. While they may not be strangers to the rigors of Northwest DIY, they have proven themselves to be stranger with their debut EP.

This self-titled EP is made up of four songs that have the psychedelic allure of shoegaze, the charming sensibilities of post-punk, and the raw tenacity of 90's hardcore.

FFO: Unwound, L7, Rudimentary Peni, and The VSS

Pressing Information

- White ink on Purple Tinted shell
- Full Color Double Sided 4-Panel Insert
- out of 50