Modern Grievance is a DIY operation based out of Seattle, WA. We specialize in limited physical releases from artists that are heavy / aggressive / strange. Most of what we have to offer is done within a small collective of individuals (recording, visual art, logistics, etc). We believe in resisting monoculture through unapologetic self-expression.

We define our own success and standards.

Grieve with us.



We provide tracking on all orders.

Patience is a virtue. The world is fucked in perpetuity and shipping delays happen often these days. Instant gratification is an unnecessary stress, so don't worry: If you ordered it, it is coming.

That being said, we strive for quick shipping and killer service. If there are any issues with your order feel free to reach out at the email below. Thanks for the support!

Contact Us : ModernGrievance @ gmail.com

Do you want to work with us to release your music / artwork? Send us an email at the address above with links to your stuff and we will get back to you as time allows.