Nuclear Dudes - Bad at Sleep Cassette Cassettes


In the year 2023:
Imagine a dystopian world where humans are enslaved by machines. A world where AI art and computer generated music reign supreme. All currency is digital and all life abides by the algorithm. As humans are forced into solitude, only few will thrive with the ability to master both the complexity of men and the precision of the machines...
We are the Nuclear Dudes.

Bad at Sleep is the first album from Nuclear Dudes. Conceived in the grips of a pandemic, Jon Weisnewski (Sandrider) created a sound that is as ridiculous as it is heavy. This album is littered with futuristic synths and heavy riffs; blending elements of industrial, grindcore, and pure mania.

Pressing Information

1st press:
- Limited to 50
- Green shell with white print
- Double sided 4 panel insert