Rank And Vile - Worship Cassette Cassettes


As the world around us gradually declines into a pit of almost laughable tyranny, a groundswell of riffs and blast beats will be your preferred weapon of punitive justice in the form of RANK AND VILE and their new sophomore album WORSHIP coming on November 17 via Modern Grievance Records.
RANK AND VILE is a crushing mix of deathgrind, downtempo grooves, and crusty mosh madness that was organically grown for mass consumption in the basements of Portland, OR. As active members of the clamoring DIY scene in the Pacific Northwest, this four piece has been on a smear campaign across the west coast since 2018 with the promises of; affordable shows, neck breaks for big business, and walls of death wider than the wealth gap.
After a four year term since their debut album “Redistribution of Flesh”, the band elected to seek the recording council of Hallowed Halls (Poison Idea / Pallbearer) and Leon del Muerte of Beastman Audio (ex-Nails / Terrorizer AD) to draft a 12 song bill of piss and vinegar titled WORSHIP. As if powered by chainsaws, WORSHIP cuts through any political red tape to inspire frenzied rage in the general public and pearl-clutching fear in the outnumbered oppressors.
While politically charged, RANK AND VILE understands the nuances of this game that nobody wins. Reading less like a dissertation and more like a demented late night monologue, the lyrics are as amusing as they are brutal; Taking shots at flabby politicians, hypocritical religious fanatics, and fence-sitting sycophants. Stern song titles on the front half like “Churchstate” give way to misleadingly fun rippers like “Lobotomobile” to create a perfect soundtrack for vandalizing state monuments.

Pressing Information

- Out of 100
- Double sided 4 panel insert
- Black shell with silver imprint