Blightmaker EP Cassette Cassettes


Blightmaker is a thee piece enigma from the damp underbelly of Seattle, WA. With their new self-titled EP, the band's brooding sound drains the senses with a mix of city sludge and blackened post-metal.

After releasing a debut split EP in early 2020, the band fell back into solitude to write their corrosive new EP in order to once again dredge through the the dreary Pacific Northwest landscape. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, these 4 tracks are as ominous as they are ambitious. Blightmaker's potent mixture of dark riffs, painful shrieks, and pulsating drums are the soundtrack to a withering life grasping for a final moment of excruciating clarity.

Pressing Information

- Limited to 50
- Black shell with white imprint
- Double sided 4 panel insert