Emerging from the dreary cascades just north of Seattle, WA comes a metallic gust of violent introspection known as Void Dancer. After making their presence known in 2020 with the release of a self-titled EP, the band has been meticulously crafting their debut full length fated for 4/22/22 ; Prone Burial.
With their new 32 Minute triumph; Void Dancer has created a sound with the melodic grit of Swedish melodeath and the obtuse framework of modern progressive metal. Each track offers the wondrous depth of an old growth forest with the sharp tenacity of the man-made blades that claw them down. Dramatic instrumentation opens the floodgates for an unhinged vocal performance detailing the cognitive dissonance of a wandering spirit longing for escape from this urban monoculture.

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Status: Active